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Debt relief or debt cancellation is the partial or total forgiveness of debt, or the slowing or stopping of debt growth, owed by individuals, corporations, or nations.
From antiquity through the 19th century, it refers to domestic debts, in particular agricultural debts and freeing of debt slaves. In the late 20th century, it came to refer primarily to Third World debt, which started exploding with the Latin American debt crisis (Mexico 1982, etc.). In the early 21st century, it is of increased applicability to individuals in developed countries, due to credit bubbles and housing bubbles.

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    SA Debt to Homestart Finance - Next Steps?

    Hi,I need help. I purchased a house in 2009 with my then partner, and we had to get a loan from the bank to do this. In December 2010 we broke up and he kicked me and my eldest son and the son I had to him out of the house. I recently received papers saying that no payments had been made for...
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    VIC How Do I Deal with Personal Bankruptcy?

    I ran an online business for close to 12 months. Unfortunately it ran into some debt (while we aimed to go our sales), the business was set up in my personal ABN and name at this stage as it wasn't incorporated with my business partners. We shut the business down as it was making a loss. I now...