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29 April 2021
About 12 month ago i attempted to send $4500 from Australia to Vietnam.
My first 2 attempts showed insufficient funds or amount above my daily limit
My third attempt was successful
I immediately recieved a call from western union asking for what reason i had sent the money $4500 to which i explained
Upon checking my bank balance the next day i discovered that 2 payments of $4500 had been sent totaling $9000
My bank statement only showed a debit of $4500
I was contacted by Western union at a later date requesting that I pay this over payment amount back which was not possible
I explained the situation and that the fact that i had not gained financially in any way and that it was a computer error on their behalf
The money was sent via a bank in Vietnam to my wife's brother who denies he recieved the extra money???
I have explained this situation to the now Debt collector and asked him to contact the bank in Vietnam and also to contact the receiver of the over-payment
Months later i have now recieved a notice of legal action from the a debt collection agency
The 5 days notice having already expired by the time i recieved the notice before LEGAL ACTION commences
I have tried to keep this as brief as possible and would greatly appreciated any advice you give give my at this stage

Paul Cott

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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria
Hi Gavin, the extra $4500 must have gone somewhere if it has been debited out of your account - how sure are you the alleged receiver of the overpayment did not receive the extra? Western Union should be able to trace where the funds went if it did get debited twice. Have you seen the relevant bank statement which may show where it went to? Debt collectors are notorious for not wanting to really investigate how issues arise. But you or WU need to investigate. and maybe you can make a complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority - - formerly the Financial Ombudsman.