NSW Criminal Offence to Make False Domestic Violence Claims to Police?

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10 March 2015
Generally speaking is it a criminal offence to lie to Police about someone or make a false abuse claim against someone? e.g. In domestic violence disputes if say husband/wife or family members have a verbal argument, and 1 party makes a false/or exaggerated claim of abuse e.g. for financial gain, is making false abuse claims a criminal offence in the crimes Act. I thought It would be, and does it carry jail time?
I'd also imagine the one who suffers false abuse claims, could also file a civil suit of defamation against the party who lied about them.

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21 January 2015
Yes it is an offence to lie to the police in relation to a complaint. Exaggeration happens all the time and is not necessarily an offence.

Defamation is a separate issue. Generally speaking a false complaint to the police would not lead to a defamation action.