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NT Company Doesn't Pay Debt for My Services - Options?

Discussion in 'Debt and Bankruptcy Law Forum' started by Julius222, 6 January 2016.

  1. Julius222

    Julius222 Member

    6 January 2016
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    Hi all,

    This is my first post.

    I am a pensioner trying to earn a little extra by cleaning for other companies. One person/company I have worked for owes me about $1400. He keeps promising payment of the debt but it never comes.

    Worse, he paid $680 by cheque and the cheque just bounced. Worse still is the bank part cleared the cheque and I spent $500 of it.

    It is a small amount, maybe too small to chase? But in my circumstances, it is very important.

    What are my options?

    BTW, from what I have learned, he rips off everyone that cleans for him. Am I entitled to advertise his name and/or company and asking for others he has not paid to come forward with a view to collectively taking him to court?
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

  3. Tim W

    Tim W Lawyer
    LawTap Verified Lawyer

    28 April 2014
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    I agree with @Sophea.

    Clarify for me - debt, or unpaid wages?

    Forget "getting together with others" - too hard, and people can be either too cowardly, or just too flaky.
    Look out for yourself, and leave others' problems to others.
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