VIC Claiming compensation due to psychological harm under mental health care.

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27 May 2020
Hello everyone,

I was wondering whether or not compensation could be made here.

I was under the care of a mental health professional a year ago now, and she did not undertake the appropriate training due to the negligence of the organisation she works for, which consequently lead to me suffering psychological harm that affected every facet of my life.

I found out that she did not take the training because she had told me, she also said she felt as if she was thrown into the deep end with the job.

At the time and currently I am on a disability pension, therefore there has been no loss of income.

I would be after compensation from the organisation she works for, because I believe they’re at fault here.

Sorry I don’t want to get into too much detail as to what happened.

Is there perhaps any resources someone could refer me to?