WA Personal Injury - Legal Options for In-patient Suicide?

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Michael Smith

15 January 2019
My son was admitted to a private mental health clinic as a voluntary inpatient. His admitting treating psychiatrist was aware Luke had active and current suicidal thoughts. Under the Mental Health Act WA, Section 15 states a patient should see a medical doctor for a physical examination within 12 hours of admission. Unfortunately, this didn’t not happen which I believe means Luke was denied the correct medical treatment by a medical doctor. He did not see a doctor at anytime during his admission. 17 hours after he was admitted he committed suicide in his hospital bed. Every nurse who spoke to my son was told by him he was suicidal but no preventive measures were implemented.

Other than seeking compensation through personal injury is there any other legal action the family can take against the private clinic, nurses or admitting doctor?

Kot Law

17 May 2019
I think it would ideal to consult layer to get guidance in detail because, for this kind of cases, communication is important. A lot of things may have in mind of a layer that he would like to clear,
to give the best possible solution.

Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
Terribly sorry for your loss.
I agree, because of the complex and sensitive facts,
that this is a matter for formal legal advice.