Child support on backpay

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Edward 911

12 November 2019
Separated as of a month ago we have a private agreement in place which im more then happy to pay as our kids are my world, x and i getting on great just as friends

Question is next month im getting back pay from my employer that dates back a year the back pay portion of when we were together as a couple do i pay child support on that? X partner says no dont be silly thats my money and i should keep it all, but i feel i should and am happy to pay child support on that back pay, any advice would be appreciated and thanks in advance,

P.s i tried calling centre link on hold for 2 almost 2 hours and gave up i will try call them again tomorrow


Well-Known Member
6 February 2019
Do you have an actual child support assessment lodged with CSA? If so, are you private collect, as in CSA is not collecting money from your pay?.... Basically if you are private collect, then the back pay shouldn't be an issue... If CSA are collecting, then the back pay will probably be flagged via the ATO & you may get a letter telling you because your income for that period increased, so will your child support

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
You don't pay child support for the time when you were together. Anything you give above and beyond what you're required to pay is likely to be treated as a gift.