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Lotto–Soudal (UCI team code: LTS) is a Belgian professional cycling team at UCI WorldTeam level sponsored by the Belgian lottery and Soudal, an adhesives and sealants manufacturer. For the 2016 and 2017 editions of Paris–Nice, the 2018 Giro d'Italia, and the 2019 Tour de Pologne, the team raced under the name Lotto Fix ALL, and in a different colour of kit, to promote a particular product from the Soudal range. The same organisations also sponsor a women's cycling team, Lotto–Soudal Ladies.

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  1. N

    QLD 2miliion lost lotto ticket but tons of evidence-can anyone help pro bono

    in the latter stage of trying to prove a lost ticket win, lotto nor the justice department have even looked at my witnesses or their credit card statement of purchase of the day, I want to present to court and obtain such a phenomenon as the secret and want the details of the winning ticket...
  2. N

    lost lotto ticket 2million and can under (freedom of information)-can i request after the statute of limitations the actual time and type of ticket

    6 years ago i first went on this site, i have been trying to prove a lost lotto win worth 2 million now plus interest-i have witnesses credit card statements but lotto nor the attorney general department even bothered to look at these-these things would help prove my case, i know i got some...
  3. N

    QLD please help with lost lotto

    lost lotto ticket but have credit card transation of day that no one has looked at, need to ascertain time-is there anyone that can help my no 0416439981 k
  4. MrsRx

    QLD Easiest way to seperate future finances

    My ex husband and I have been seperated since February 2018. Married in 2007. One child aged 9. We are both newly released from bankruptcy. I am disabled with a pension, don’t own a car, have only a grand in super and rent with my mum. He rents with his new partner, has a very cheap and...
  5. U

    NSW Child Support / Lotto Winnings and debts

    Hello. I recently found out that the father has won a substantial amount of lotto winnings that saw him being able to quit his job back in October/November. he hasnt advised child support of changes to his work or income and has been paying the assessed amount since. Im just wondering if you...
  6. S

    NSW Husband Received Money from Friend - Now Friend Threatens to Sue?

    Hi, please help. My husband's best friend won the lotto. He phoned my husband and told him your money worries are over, I will pay off your credit card debt because I won the lotto. Then he paid my husband's credit card worth $22,000. My husband told him that he will give him a bit then his...