WA Child Protection of Children Who Left Home?

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13 September 2014
My husband's nieces and nephews are not being treated properly by their dad's long time partner. She's so strict and sometimes hurt the children based on what they are telling us. But we haven't seen it in our naked eyes as she's nice in front of us and totally different.

The eldest left home when she was 15 or 16 cause she couldn't take it anymore and recently the second and third eldest left home because another conflict with their dad's woman and ending up their dad hitting them and they have to run away and come to us their uncle and aunt. They are both under 18. And the rest of their siblings are still in their dad's care.

Is there something they or we can do to help this children legally (e.g. child protection)? And is it against the woman and possibly their dad if they wish to pursue under family law? Our niece and nephew said "even though my dad hit me, I still love him", it's just her ( dad's woman). They don't like her and they hate her so much they don't want to go home because of the woman. Poor children has to suffer long and their dad is standing up for her. Is this the situation wherein the children can't do anything because their own biological dad don't stand for them?

Michael T

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9 April 2014
Perhaps contact Relationships Australia WA who provide family mediation and dispute resolution as well as programs for family members in relation to family abuse and domestic violence.