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27 January 2020
My son is 3 now and has absolutely no relationship with his bio dad even when he was a baby. His father would get "bored" and go out with his mates all night doing god knows what and never participated in caring for our son, he has serious anger issues which certain things he did gave my son serious anxiety and upset him a lot. l moved to a better environment for our son. Not long after we went to mediation as he wanted a relationship with his son but only saw him 3 times after we came to an agreement in mediation. Fast forward to now it's been over a year without hearing anything from him, no messages even asking how he was or to see him (mind you he doesn't pay child support either) when all of a sudden out of the blue he wants to see my son then when i don't reply straight away threatens to drag me through court just so he can have a relationship with him and i haven't heard from him since. THERE IS NO COURT ORDER AND I'VE NEVER STOPPED HIM FROM SEEING HIM.
Not sure what to do ‍♀️ Any advice?


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27 September 2015
Any advice? yup - ask dad to meet you at a park near your house so the kid can see his dad. You wrote "I'VE NEVER STOPPED HIM FROM SEEING HIM." You even put it in capitals to make sure.... So take the kid to the park, take a friend. Do that once a fortnight for a few weeks and see what comes of it.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
You use the term "bio dad".
In my experience, this term is sometimes (often...) used
to distinguish the genetic "father" from social "dad"
in discussions in this area.

It often suggests another (undisclosed) adult in the picture somewhere.
Candour may get you better quality advice.