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21 August 2021
Hi all this is a bit off a long post but im stressing out bad. Last Saturday my back and shoulder were playing up so i went to have a massage. I went to the massage place up the road that i have never been to before as i have just moved . I went in as asked for a full body massage for 1 hour, paid the money and went in the room. I was laying there waiting and waiting for about 15 minutes starting to get very annoyed as the clock was ticking and it was time i was paying for. The girl finally come in and started the massage and i could tell straight away she was not trained in massage. She went out of the room again and come back after about 5 minutes again. After about 15 minutes she said roll over and she tried to pull my under ware off saying extra service. I said no i just want a massage, she then grabbed my wallet from the basket on the seat and handed it to me saying $50 extra service and trying to rub my penis. I said no and told her to put my wallet back. She then said time is up get dressed and go and she walked out of the room and closed the door, as i was getting dressed i noticed a Iphone in the door hanger with the camera facing out towards the massage table and it wasn't there before hand as i tend to notice things like that.. I seen red and was angry as hell as i strongly believe she was recording what she was doing in the massage room. I got dressed and took the phone and my intention was to take it home and delete any footage on it of myself and any other person that she had done this too.
I took the phone home but it was locked and i could not get into it. Over the next few days i was searching for ways to get into the phone but none of them worked so i was at a dead end.I had no intention of keeping the phone i just wanted any footage taken off of it if there was any and i would of somehow returned it or handed it in.
Four days later the police turned up with a search warrant as they had tracked me down. I just got the phone and gave it to them and said i found it in the car park , I had to lie to them as i thought they would lock me up straight away and i cant afford for that to happen and be off work as i have a wife and daughter stuck overseas and without my support they would not survive with no money being sent by me.
The police went forward and charged me with stealing and i have to front court in 2 weeks. Has anyone got a idea if i will face jail time and should i just plead guilty or fight the charge. I can not afford to face jail as for my wife and daughters needs while stuck overseas because of COVID.
I have got prior on my history but NOT for stealing or theft it was for assault a few times 15 years ago and a business i had went broke 4 years ago and i couldn't repay the money i owed people. Any help would be greatly appreciated