QLD Will I Go to Jail for First Stealing Offence?

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8 August 2016
Hello all.

I'm so stressed at the situation I am facing.

First of all, a bit of background.

My partner got accused of stealing as he was a treasurer. And in the minutes of the meeting, he was concerned and told the committee about missing bags that contained money as this was a sporting association. He requested that he obtain a box and only he had a key therefore if any money went missing he was solely responsible. He again bought it up that as the treasurer he demand that the 6 people that had keys to these boxes be given to him. Again nothing was done. He again stated in another minutes he refused to bank any money from the bags that were left until he got help with looking for the missing bags. He was promised help.

As he is a dialysis patient awaiting a kidney transplant, they voted he have a safe and on non-dialysis days he would go bank money. Out of the blue, the president knocked at the door and demanded she have all the money bank books term deposit book safe and keys. I said to him don't give her anything because I told him to request a receipt with her and his signature and a photo of all the goods returned except the safe as it was attached to a shelf on the wall. She refused and got in the car and left. She then returned and demanded everything they argued...

Stupid me ran into the room and took the accounts book and shoved it under the bed and he gave her everything including the money that wasn't banked. I got a message from her stating they had an emergency meeting with the committee 2 days later ( constitution states he should of been there and stood down in front of committee and members) he wasn't invited.

I never told him that I took the accounts book I felt awful and had to protect him as he wasn't a well person. It was a split second decision so if she was to take money out of the bank I had the accounts book. I asked him how much was approximately in the bag in the safe he said $3,300 I said as you held a position we have to pay it back he said he didn't take it.

She rang and recorded without permission the phone conversation she said now there was missing money and 6 cheques missing. I took the phone and said I would pay $550 a fortnight for the next 3 months to cover the missing money she refused. She then told me she had to use her own money to cover the bills to be paid. I said if $%&$# took the money why are you using your own money because of a thief and where was the rest of the money held in the bank account she refused to answer.

Another member came around and took the safe with no receipt of goods given he also refused to sign a receipt.he tried to go to the Agm and state his case and was jumped by 5 men one grabbing his fistula and he received cuts to his head and arm. If he was guilty he wouldn't of gone there and risk his life line his fistula...

Went around to the Police station explained what happened and in return he got a fine for public nuisance and trespass. Police came around 3 months later with a warrant to search the premisses for the accounts book I forgot all about it and hadn't told him and his mother was also there they never asked me about the book so I shut up and said nothing.

August 2015 they come around with another search warrant and I said I have the accounts book and took an officer down to the shed where I went and showed him the book they then asked if I would go to the station for a statement I said sure. I then had to tell my partner what I had done I was so ashamed. I thought come audit time she would have to do a dummy audit and put it to the ATO with her and the accountants signature and she would get in trouble and hopefully an investigation would begin.

July 2016 police arrive again and charged with theft as a public servant and fraud. I was also charged with notice to appear with stealing an accounts book that belonged to an association in the meantime 2 years later my partner had a minor stroke 2 months ago that has left him with memory loss both long and short and his cognitive function has also been affected which he now suffers severe depression.

He is worried as he can't remember much and he will go to jail he is extremely unwell and went to hospital with high blood pressure of over 213 this Sunday and is on dialysis 9 different types of blood pressure medication sleeping tablets and depression medication.

What will happen to us it's our first offence we have never been in trouble before? If I go to jail who is going to look after him, why is he charged and not her? I am pleading guilty because I did the wrong thing and I'm petrified I'm going to jail.

On my statement it now says he stole $16,680. Am I going to jail for stealing the book?

Please help


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23 July 2014
I suggest getting yourself a lawyer.