QLD Caught shoplifting, charged with stealing offence

Discussion in 'Criminal Law Forum' started by svgino, 10 September 2017.

  1. svgino

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    10 September 2017
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    Hello, I am a 23 year old male who has recently been caught shoplifting stupidly from a big chain in Queensland.

    The amount was around $250 and I was charged with Stealing, now I've done some research and mainly found that the MAXIMUM penalty is 5 years imprisonment which is a bit daunting.

    This is my first and last offence, and hopefully that helps me out here.

    Basically I'm looking to see if it's worth getting a lawyer or legal aid or not? I have a good idea of what I wish to say already aside the guilty plea.

    I'm willing to pay any fine, community service and include restitution to the chain I stole from for the amount of the goods taken.

    However I wish to ask for no conviction to be recorded, is that plausible/possible? I don't want to affect my future career choices.

    Thanks for any help. :)
  2. Iamthelaw

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    13 September 2016
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    Yes,it is plausible given it's your first offence.

    Getting a lawyer is good step toward obtaining a no conviction result.
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  3. Jermy

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    30 March 2015
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    As stated in above comments, first : get a lawyer, this is something you don't want to risk, if you say something wrong or not answer in a good way it may lead to a criminal record, I am saying this without any knowledge of your circumstances, the court will hear your side and a decision will taken, so it is best to get a lawyer. If it is first time offense and you don't have any other issues or problems, section 10 maybe given, but that all it depends on your situation and what the other party ,
    so get a lawyer....
    by the way, what did you take? just curious, if you don't mind me asking,
    good luck!

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