QLD Car Registration Fine - Can I Dispute Additional Traffic Offence?

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Shaun Evans

6 August 2016
Hi Lawanswers.com.au,

I was pulled over on May 28th and informed that my vehicle was not registered/insured. I was just over 5 weeks from when my car registration ran out, and around the same time I had moved house and didn't receive my registration renewal notice. My matter was dealt with in court June 24th, and my fine was roughly $700, which is on Spers. Granted it was my responsibility to ensure my vehicle was registered, it was an honest mistake on my part. I paid for 12 months Registration the same day of being informed, and I thought that was the end.

I've just received 2 fines from the Department of Main Roads, equaling almost $1000, for driving an unregistered/uninsured vehicle on May 12th (2 weeks before being pulled over). The fines were dates the 21/07 (meaning they were not posted until at least 2 and a half months after the offence). The officer who pulled me over on May 28th told me on the spot that I had no previous or outstanding offences so I should be looked upon pretty lightly. The $1000 has been automatically rolled onto my Spers account.

Would there be a way I can dispute the 2 latent Department of Main Roads fines? I feel a relevant duty of care would exist on a government organisation to inform the offender or relevant policing bodies a lot sooner than 2 and a half months.


Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
You appear to have committed the same offences, twice.
I don't see where you have a defence to the infringements issued by the Department.

Your feelings about a duty of care are irrelevant, and in any event, incorrect.