Unregistered/ Uninsured vehicle driven in Road without knowledge

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29 October 2021
My vehicle was accidentally registered for 1 years instead of 3 months as usual, so I asked for refund so that I could register for 3 months only. When they refunded they deduced some amount I was in the impression that was for the month registration fee. When I was driving in Adelaide I was pulled over by police and found out the registration was expired already about a month ago. Now I have been fined for owning and driving unregistered and uninsured vehicle in road. Can we make compelling case in court as I was not aware that the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured. I have evidence of that 1 year payment and refund of that payment, I am in Student visa and have never in such situation. Total fine is more than $1500, that's a very big amount for me. I would greatly appreciate the advice. Thank you!

Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
Can we make compelling case in court as I was not aware...
I very much doubt it. You have nothing.
Ignorance is never a defence.
Further, the onus is always on the driver to be sure that the car they are driving is registered.

Given that you are well enough informed to understand, and use, periodic registration,
you have basically no prospects of successfully arguing that you didn't understand "the system".