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The City of Gold Coast is the local government area spanning the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and surrounding areas. With a population of 606,774 it is the second most populous local government area in Australia (City of Brisbane being the largest). Its council maintains a staff of over 2,500. It was established in 1948, but has existed in its present form since 2008.

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    QLD Gold Coast City Council Parking Fine - Need Help On Dispute

    Hey, I parked at a Gold Coast City Council (GCCC) 2P Metered zone, went to the meter and tried to use my card to pay for the parking. The meter wouldn’t work with the card (wouldn’t pick up or go onto the page where you can use a card), so I used cash and it worked perfectly. (I paid for 2 hours...
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    QLD Gold Coast City Council - Letter for Unkempt Property?

    Good Morning, My question relates to the Cold Coast City council under the local law above. I have been served with a notice under Local Law No8 (Public Health, Safety And Amenity) 200, an advice regarding an unkempt property. The letter further states: A recent inspection of the property...
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    QLD Received Fine from Gold Coast City Council - Apply for Leniency?

    I received a fine from Gold Coast city council for having my car parked out the front of my address with a For Sale sign inside the car against window displaying information. I never thought I was breaking the law or needed to check council website to do this. My living situation is that I...
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    QLD Gold Coast City Council Rates Payment Issue - Injunction to Stop Property Sale?

    Hi. How do I lodge an injunction to stop the Gold Coast City Council auctioning my property from non payment of council rates? The payments have been made since February however it needs to be a nil balance and I am out of time also they keep adding legal fees on the balance. How do I stop...
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    QLD Gold Coast City Council Parking Fines Dispute with SPER

    SPER is demanding fines be paid. I have already requested multiple times that they be seen in court, but the other parties are unresponsive, i.e the traffic camera office is not responding to my requests for the matter to go to court... and the Gold Coast city council doesn't respond to the...