Will my car be flagged if licence is suspended.

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30 June 2022
I have received a fine a few months ago which was speeding 57 in a 50 zone. It was not myself driving and it was caught by a speed camera. At the time I contacted revenue NSW and explained it wasn’t me and they made a note of the system and told me to nominate the correct person. Unfortunately I completely forgot to do this step and the next time I spoke with revenue I told them to just add this fine to my payment plan.

I have recently notice on my service NSW app that my licence has been suspended due to this fine. After calling revenue they explained bc I had previously stated that it wasn’t me driving I could still nominate this person.

My question is- 1: will my car be flagged as I have a suspended licence. I have heard that it depends on the police officer but in my case there was no officer it was a speed camera and I received a letter in the mail.

2: whenever I call revenue to explain that this needs to be done ASAP, they tell me they cannot give me a time which the fine will be transferred to the other name.

Is there any legal grounds I can stand on to get them to transfer this over asap as i have lost my job because of this matter.

Tim W

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28 April 2014