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The City of Frankston is a local government area in Victoria, Australia in the southern suburbs of Melbourne. It has an area of 130 square kilometres, and in June 2018, the City of Frankston recorded a population of 141,845.Despite its similar area and name, the City of Frankston is a different entity to the former City of Frankston which existed from 1966 until 1994, which was a continuation of the former Shire of Frankston and was abolished under state government reforms. This is similar to the situation for the Shire of South Gippsland and Shire of Glenelg, but is unlike the City of Melbourne, City of Knox, City of Whittlesea and City of Melton, whose administrations stayed intact through the amalgamations of the early 1990s.

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    VIC Frankston City Council Parking Fines?

    Good morning all... A couple of weeks ago, I received in the post a $165 parking fines with an extra $25 applied to it for non-payment from Frankston City Council. This was the first notification I had received as there had been no fine on my vehicle when I returned to it. I appealed and was...