NSW Car Crashed into Bedroom Wall - Help?

Discussion in 'Insurance Law Forum' started by WhatNow, 13 January 2020.

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    Not sure if this is the correct forum but help needed.

    A car crashed through the ground floor of my mother's house. It busted through the cinder block wall into my bedroom. I could see the bonnet of the car where my wall once stood.

    The car obviously is a write-off. The owner of the car is a neighbour. He said he'd be over 1st thing to start repairs on the house.

    I do appreciate his timeliness but my concern is how do I ensure the repairs are done properly and by a licensed builder?
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    You don’t allow him to touch the wall or anything else. You call the police, because of the amount of property damage done. They may not attend, at all or quickly, but note the name and time you called for your records. Next you call your insurer and make a claim. They will look after the process and ensure you get it fixed properly.
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    You should be wary of a rushed repair job undertaken by the perpetrator. If the house is insured, suggest you lodge a claim and let your insurer manage the repairs. They will obtain quotes from reputable builders and your neighbour can also provide a detailed quote for their assessment.

    It is not unusual in these circumstances for a ‘make safe’ then an engineer’s report and scope of works be required before full repairs can be undertaken. You will need to pay your excess but the insurer will recover this from your neighbour or his car insurer in due course.

    If the car is insured you may prefer to lodge a claim on the car insurer and request they send a building assessor to
    ensure that the repairs are carried out correctly by a competent builder.

    I do not give legal advice, just my opinion based on working for an insurance company for over 20 years.

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