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    VIC Fencing with Retaining Wall required for a new build

    Hi There are 5 new buildings either built or building on the street we are building. Ours is a fourth house. The first house, ours and the fifth one are all built by three different builders and are on the same height above the surface. The second and the third house (built by the same builder)...
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    strata retaining wall

    Hello, We are a group homettes(SA), not long ago an 'ordinary vote' went ahead regarding the funding of all the retaining walls(rebuild). I did not attend the meeting, as the agm listed two different funding options, which suited me either way. However at the actual meeting they came up with a...
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    QLD Retaining wall

    My property is on the lower side of a timber retaining wall , approximately 1200 high with a 1800 high dividing fence on top of retaining wall and fixed to retaining wall. The owner of the property behind me on the higher side added colorbond sheets lying side by side and supported by star...
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    QLD Right to Block Retaining Wall?

    The back border of my property has a large block retaining wall with height ranging from 1.5 metres to over 3 metres in height. The wall is vertical. 1) Does there need to be a safety fence on top of the wall? 2) Do we have a right to some sort of privacy fence on top of the wall as their...
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    WA landowners liability for actions of previous owner

    Is the current landowner responsible for damage to the adjoining owners' retaining wall recently discovered , caused by the the builder many years ago when the property was owned by the previous owner?
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    QLD Retaining Wall with 2 neighbours needs to be replaced

    HI, I'm completely new to this so bare with me. A few weeks ago my neighbours had a leaning fence replaced along our shared fenceline. The builder noted that there was an old retaining wall hidden behind the one we see in our yard and that we should get it looked at. We have, by 3 seperate...
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    WA Is a retaining wall a building?

    if there is an existing retaining wall on the property boundary and the adjoining property owner excavates at the toe of the wall, causing the wall to rotate ( be damaged ) , do the provisions of the Building Act apply as regards adverse effect on adjacent buildings?
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    Retaining wall despute

    Hi, We recently built a house in an estate. Most of the retaining walls in the estate were put up by the developer but between our block and rear neighbour there is a gentle slope over approx 1m and about 800mm high with our neighbours land on the higher side. The slope runs over the boundary...
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    Retaining wall on boundary created by neighbour's tennis court.

    We have a 40m boundary with our neighbours which had an old tennis court fence for 29m and low fence for 11m. Our neighbour recently replaced the retaining wall on 15m of our shared boundary - the wall exists due to their tennis court being dug into the hill. The old tennis court fence which...
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    NSW Whether new retaining wall is part of fence

    My neighbour and I are going to an NCAT hearing regarding a dividing fence. I believe it needs replacing, neighbour does not. The current fence is acting as a retaining wall to hold back a significant amount of soil that was brought into the property by the neighbour. The fence is starting to...