QLD Bridging Visa and Pregnant

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27 April 2019
In early 2018 my best friend met and started a relationship with a South American girl aged 42 who at the time was in Australia on a student visa. The relationship developed and she is now on a bridging visa while awaiting a decision on her permanent residency thru partner prospective marriage visa.
Him being 54 years old age meant the relationship was founded on the strictest understanding that children were not an option. Last month, stating she was menstruating fell pregnant to him ( an Austrian citizen) He feels betrayed and does not want anything to do with her however he feels a responsibility to the child.

My best friend doesn't want anything to do with her but feels compelled to give the child a better life which means allowing the child to be born in Australia.
Even though the father does not want to pursue the marriage visa with her any longer will she have any chance of securing permanent Australian Residency if she has the child in Australia or will she have to go back to South America once the child is born?

The application process for there prospective marriage visa was submitted October 2018 and she is currently on a bridging visa.
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