WA Bought car interstate and it’s not what I was lead to believe

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    13 May 2018
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    My husband and I recently purchased a car from Western Australia, we live in Qld so it was purchased sight unseen ( I do know this was a risk and It didn’t pay off ).

    My husband spend a long time talking to the dealer and was reassured that there was no rust, recently serviced and would go straight through Qld roadworthy and is mechanically sound. So we took the risk and bought it.
    We had it transported here and only just received it. Picked it up from the drop off location and quickly realised that the gear box is slipping and got home checked underneath the car and it’s rusted out underneath and the fuel lines are just about rusted through. Heaps of other things wrong as well and it’s definitly not roadworthy condition.
    I have been reading up a lot as you can imagine and I am aware that there are things we should have done like get the car checked independently. But I also found out that the dealer did not provide the correct forms either. The contract had terms and conditions on the back which was not emailed to me and I was not given the chance to read it. Also there is a form 6 that I should have been made aware off that states of the car does/doesn’t come with statutory warranty that need two copies signed and he is to keep one for 2 years.
    My question is do we have the right to demand our money back and send the car back? In our opinion the car is two far gone to fix.

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