Private buyer wants refund on car

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19 October 2019
Recently sold a car to a private buyer. The car had always ran fine but had some rust issues (that the buyer knew about). The buyer bought the car with out taking for mechanical inspection/test drive ect. The buyer took the car to a mechanic post purchase who pointed out some rust issues that needed to be addressed. They buyer now wants to return the car for full refund for the car.
They have had the car for 3-4weeks so far. I have personally witnessed them still driving the car around town.
The car was genially sold thinking it had no issues beside the rust.

What if any legal trouble could we see from this?


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16 April 2015
None, I would say. They were aware of the rust paid for the car in full and that should be the end of the matter.
Unless a car is fraudulently represented, private sales have little legal comeback.

Make sure the registration has been transferred out of your name too, if they've happily been driving around for 3-4 weeks.
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