NSW Bought Un-roadworthy Car from Dealer - Refund?

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4 May 2021

I bought a second hand car from a dealer. I took it to my mechanic after purchase just for a check up and he found it had numerous issues and said the car is not roadworthy. I took it back to the dealer who said they would repair the issues and provide a pink slip. After getting the vehicle back and renewing my Rego which was overdue I took it back to the mechanic who has said that not everything has been done and it's still not roadworthy.

There are issues such as tyres are bald and front breaks are in super bad shape plus suspension issues and the oil leaks remain. There is another bigger issue which looks like the head gasket could be in trouble.

I have contacted fair trading and RMS and fair trading advised to take it back to the mechanic again but Roads and Maritime said the fair trading is wrong and we are entitled to a refund. Anyone know the answer?

I would think the dealership hasn't provided a safe vehicle at the time of sale so am therefore entitled to a refund. If the car is not roadworthy at the time of sale or if the car has been given a pink slip that's questionable, anyone know if I can have a refund? I don't want them to fix it as they have proven to be rubbish. I also feel that if I knew about these issues I would never have bought. Especially the head gasket problem.
Always approach The Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA) who are much more helpful and have a financial fund to pay compensation for errant auto dealers.