WA Battle against Volkswagen repair centre

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20 July 2020
hello everyone,

I desperately need advice

Here is my story

I have a 2013 Volkswagen polo and car has Epc engine light problem for 1.5 years. Car shakes and lose power

I took my car Volkswagen Dealership each time for 6 times . Each time they fixed it, they chrarged .

2 weeks ago they replaced spark plug and manager confirmed car is now in excellent condition.
But yesterday epc light came on again and took it to same place and he said he will have a look.

I am sick of this as this caused so much stress. I left without a car for 2-3 days each time, lost a day at work and cant even drive the car confidently.

I want them to fix it and pay compensation for the inconvenience but manager says he just connects the car to computer and fix whatever the computer says.

Do i have any rights against them