NSW Bankruptcy - Bank Demanding Payment of Redrawn Loan - What to Do?

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5 January 2016
Hi, we got a loan through ANZ Bank for 10,000. We then got a Loan for 13,000. 9000 was used to put on the first loan apparently to pay it off? And then we got 3,000. We then saw that we could redraw the first loan, which we did at the beginning of December.

Today we noticed 1300 missing from our bank account. We called ANZ, and they explained that they have taken it from our bank account and that they also are now demanding the rest of the first loan as we shouldn't have been able to redraw it. What can we do?

We don't have the money and will face bankruptcy if we can't pay the 9,000 and we are now late on other payments as they took the 1,300 from our account.

Please help.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Talk to the bank and arrange a scheme of repayment.