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    NSW Will ANZ Bank Accept Another Person as My Representative?

    Hi, I would like to present my original registered revocation of power of attorney document to my ANZ bank. Due to unavailable personal reasons, I cannot visit a branch in person. Would ANZ accept a friend or lawyer as a representative who presents the document for me? Thank you
  2. R

    WA ANZ Bank Cancelled Home Loan - Breach of Contract with Seller?

    Can anyone direct me to any part of the credit legislation that deals with the following situation, please? I made a home loan application with the ANZ bank but lost my job and income the day before the loan was approved. The bank issued loan approval to the seller's agent without knowledge...
  3. G

    NSW Bankruptcy - Bank Demanding Payment of Redrawn Loan - What to Do?

    Hi, we got a loan through ANZ Bank for 10,000. We then got a Loan for 13,000. 9000 was used to put on the first loan apparently to pay it off? And then we got 3,000. We then saw that we could redraw the first loan, which we did at the beginning of December. Today we noticed 1300 missing from...