VIC Bank debit card fraud help

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20 September 2017
I have been charged $1300 for an online purchase which I did not make and did not receive any goods. I have never purchased any goods from this company in the past. I contacted the company and my bank within 12 hours of the transaction appearing pending in my bank statement. My bank can do nothing while the transaction is pending. The company will not give me any details such as delivery address or if the order has been swnt etc. They said they would investigate but 7 days have gone by and the transaction is still pending. Anything I can do.

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
There is probably something wrong with it for it to be pending this long. Until it goes through, I don't think there's anything your bank can do to find out the details. Once it does finalise, make sure they process your dispute immediately.