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NSW Australian Consumer Law - How Much Should I Pay?

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by MissAngie, 5 February 2016.

  1. MissAngie

    MissAngie Member

    5 February 2016
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    Hi, I recently bought a Nissan car with keyless entry capabilities that didn't come with the central locking button. I rang my nearest dealership 5th Jan and the next available spot was 12th at 10am.

    I told them at the time I was going on placement in Sydney starting 25th so this worked perfectly to have it done before as I'll be gone for 10 weeks after this date. I was quoted $250 for the central locking key to be cut and programmed to my car, By about 2pm, I was called at about 2:30 to be told that they were unable to program the key to my car because they had lost a security code for their system and they asked if I'd like to leave the car with them overnight and they'd ring me in the morning and let me know if the system was up and running, or if I'd like to collect it.

    I was happy for them to keep the car over night since I still have my old one as a runaround. They did not contact me in the morning and I had to chase them up, only to find out that they hadn't tried to chase up the code for their system and they thought it might be a week from then until it'd be up and running. I came and picked up the car and brought it home, with a tentative booking for the following Monday if the system was working again.

    The next day after having the car at home, I found the cut and unprogrammed key in the drivers side door handle. On Monday, I rang them back at about mid day since they had not rung me in the morning to confirm or cancel my tentative booking. When I rang to ask about the system they told me it would be a month before it was up and running.

    I was quoted the initial price of $250 for a key to be cut and programmed on the 12th of Jan and on the 18th was told it would be a month before this service could be completed. Not once did they phone me during the process after I picked up my car when I was told I would have calls to confirm everything. I contacted them at every step of the way and was very flexible initially.

    I rang an external company on Monday afternoon after being told it would take a month to program and fulfil the service. The person was able to come to my house and program the key for $220 the very next day. No hassles, it took about 2hrs.

    Since I have been on placement, I have only just started receiving phone calls from the dealership, and I am not able to be contacted at all during in business hours. I have just received an invoice from them after coming home this week for $213.85 for the key itself and the cutting. I'm happy to pay them for the key, however, I don't feel that they should be charging me anywhere near this much.

    They offered me a service on a particular date and were unable to fulfil it. I was flexible and contacted them at every step of the way, even though they assured me that they would contact me and didn't want to inconvenience me. I didn't even ask them for the key. I found it left in the car a day after I'd taken it home and so instead of waiting months because I wouldn't have been able to bring the car back in until after placement - I opted to have the key programmed by someone else.

    How do I find out how much the key is actually worth without the costs of programming?

    How much should I be paying when the service they offered me wasn't even fulfiled and was unprofessional at every step of the way under Australian Consumer Law?

    Thank you - sorry this is so long. I just wanted all the info out there.
  2. Victoria S

    Victoria S Well-Known Member

    9 April 2014
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    Have you asked around for other quotes re how much the key is worth?
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