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  1. P

    SA LEMON BMW and consumer rights

    Hi I have a question regarding my BMW. I bought the car in late 2013 new at the dealer and covered it with a services package by BMW for 5 years. The car warranty is for 3 years or 60,000 The car done 50,000 and has been steadily falling apart sine about 10,000 km. Since purchase it has had, A...
  2. A

    VIC Secondhand BMW Car Purchase - Warranty issues

    Hi, my name is Alan. Advice please I just recently bought a second-hand car that was just over ten years old from a car dealer in Victoria, and therefore it did not fall under the statutory warranty - didn't know this at the time. It has done 78,000ks. One month after I bought it, I had to...
  3. E

    VIC Dealership Failed to Notice Car Failure - What Can I Do?

    Hey all, I bought a BMW 320d in 2013, which was a used Dealer Premium vehicle with 40,000km on it. Fast forward 3 years... While I was driving, in the middle of an intersection the engine cut out, with no prior warning. I was left rolling across the intersection in an unresponsive vehicle. Got...
  4. Alex_M

    NSW Australian Consumer Law - Purchased BMW from Dealer - Get a Refund?

    This is the first time I've posted here, been looking for help online. Would really appreciate if you could help. My wife and I moved over to Sydney (from NZ) in December 2015. We purchased a 2006 BMW 120i from a dealer for $12,500. Took it for a test drive, nothing seemed wrong. The dealer was...
  5. F

    NSW Brand New Car Defective - Claim Compensation from BMW?

    Hello, I purchased a brand new BMW X5 in April 2015 this year and registered it as Hire Car plate (HC plate). After six month of driving this car, the gear box failed. I took it back to Northshore BMW Service Center 3 times, they didn't fix the problem. The 4th time I sent it back was on...
  6. D

    QLD Raised Interest on Secondhand Car Finance - Legal?

    Hi, I bought a 2002 BMW which was originally $14000 but after car finance (car loan) it came to $29000. Devastated I didn't see this earlier as the car dealer came to my place of work and I signed there. Is it legal to rise the price or interest this high on a second-hand car? But now I've...
  7. F

    False Arrest and False Imprisonment - Police Won't Help?

    Hi everyone I'm new to this. In 2011 I was arrested by 4 civilians who claimed I stole their car and their money. Very not true. I just got back from an overseas holiday and as I walked out of the airport, I was citizens arrested by these 4 people. Instead of taking me home, they handcuffed me...
  8. Neocode

    NSW Private Car Purchase - Verbal Advertisements - What are My RIghts?

    Recently I've bought a used car from a lady in Jerrabomberra. It's a BMW 320i 2009. The car was registered under her company name. When I inspected the car, she said the car had been equipped with a CD stacker. I believed her and did not test that. After I bought the car, I tried to load CDs...