WA Amending statement (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE);/

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18 March 2021

I've been desperately searching everywhere for information on what my options are too withdraw my statement or amend/correct it. I've reached out to the prosecution but they are ignoring me. I've advised i need to amend the statement because at the time of the domestic i was in between antidepressants which i have only just become aware of everything since my Dr putting me back on my old ones.
I played a big part in this and i don't believe my ex partner should be facing these charges!

Impeded another person’s normal breathing or blood circulation by applying pressure to neck x 2
and Aggravated home burglary and commit. He is not usually a violent person at all. He was on drugs and needed help. hes in lock up and is back to his normal self.
Please can somebody help me with some answers?
Thank you