ACT Adding property/financial orders to live parenting order application?

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30 November 2019
Hi everyone,

I have a quick question (that I've been unable to completely work out from the Federal Circuit Court website). I am 95% sure that you can't tack on property/financial orders to a Federal Circuit Court case that is currently ONLY about interim and final parenting orders. I would imagine you need to start a new initiating application for property/financial orders only.

Sound about right?

(Quick background: My partner started a parenting order-only case which is ongoing. Ex has raised through lawyer letter the matter of wanting him to pay $$$ in back bills.)


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6 February 2019
I suspect you may be right. Separate applications but a final order can cover both... to be sure, call court registry office & ask if you can make an application in a case to include property..
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