VIC Abusive housemate forced me out of the house.

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14 January 2021
I have been living in a share house, we all went on the lease together. About 3 months ago, one of my flatmates started becoming quite hostile towards me and sending me horrible messages like, "you're a waste of space" "I wish I never met you" "you're a horrible human" etc. It started happening multiple times a day, the dynamic in the house became incredibly hostile and I started to feel unsafe. I left the house for a week, to get some space, and came back to all my possessions tossed around my room. Shared utensils & crockery that I own, thrown around the house. So at that point I decided to move out.

I started applying for different places and eventually found a new house with some friends of mine. I gave my flat mates 1 months notice, and paid rent for that month and any outstanding bills. When we gave notice to the Property Agent, they told the house collectively that we are responsible for finding a new tenant, now this wouldn't be an issue normally. But the troublesome housemate refuses to live with another white person, and only wants to live with someone from her ethnic background. I have done my best to provide them with options to replace me on the lease, but they turn everyone down. Another month went by and I have paid rent for that month as well. I have also offered to teminate the whole lease so they can resign one without me included.
We're now looking at the third month of rent and the current tenants are asking me to pay rent again, as there is no one to replace me on the lease. I refused, saying to them that the parameters they've given me to find a new housemate is unrealistic and that we had discussed they would find someone to fill the room. Because I refused, I have now started receiving death threats from them and continue to live under a huge state of anxiety because of the stress this person has caused me.

I'm hoping someone can help me with some advice on what to do next. I simply don't know what to do to make sure I can get my name off the lease and away from this tenant.

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27 May 2014
Report them to the police for the death threats.

Take out a PSIO to stop the harassment.

Stop paying rent and send them a letter/email explaining why you are now refusing to pay rent. Highlight the safety issue. What you have written above is the basis of your letter. Just beware there may be a black mark on your name if they stop paying rent. You should send a copy of the letter to the agent as well.

And keep a record of all the threats and write down dates/times and event that caused you to feel unsafe. You may need to refer back to specific events if things get even nastier.


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6 February 2019
I'm hoping someone can help me with some advice on what to do next. I simply don't know what to do to make sure I can get my name off the lease and away from this tenant.
I agree with @Rod ...... The death threats need to be reported to police... They are grounds for an intervention order.. If you are granted a personal safety intervention order (PSIO) I believe that can be used to have a lease terminated ... Police may know the process, probably involves VCAT