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Share House (シェアハウス, Shea Hausu) is a 2011 Japanese drama film directed by Ichirō Kita.

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    Share house - eviction of tenant - no lease agreement

    Hello legal-minded people, I own a large house that has 4 tenants with valid lease agreements. I am in Victoria. There was a spare bedroom and a request was made from a friend (no longer my friend) that I allow his downtrodden mate to make use of the room. Unfortunately, this tenant is an...
  2. P

    NSW a housemate refuse to move out in an shared house

    I am a houseowner and landlord. In my house, I have 4 housemates. One of them (named A) refused to move out after I did notice him verbally 4 weeks ago. My other housemates are the witness. I then gave A a written notice two weeks ago (my other housemates are the witness), but now he still...
  3. K

    QLD Theft from Locked Room in Share House - What to Do?

    Items are going missing from my locked room in a share house (the door is locked whenever I am not in the room-bathroom/shower/not home - always). The value well exceeds $4000. My wallet, money and clothing routinely go missing. The last time my wallet went from my work bag it was gone for a...
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    NSW Does head tenant in share house legally own abandoned goods?

    The head tenant in our share house is moving out and taking a couch set that was left behind by a previous tenant. I did not live in the house when the original owner left, however the couches have remained in the house for a significant time (at least 3 years). I have lived in the house the...
  5. S

    NSW Evicting Tenant with AVO?

    I'm living in a share house that has no tenancy agreements. A new tenant has moved in and become a huge disturbance to the property and other housemates, causing an AVO to be placed against him for one tenant. Tribunal says the landlord has to pay him a large sum of money to vacate, even though...
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    QLD Debt - Do I Now Have a Legal Obligation to Pay?

    I've just gotten out of a share house, two of the girls living there were paying a bit more in rent (as they had agreed to at the start of the tenancy) and my girlfriend sent them a message saying that I would "try to pay them back" the difference that they paid. She then later in that message...
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    NSW Property Law on Visiting Girlfriend Living in Share House?

    Hello, I visited my girlfriend in Australia. She is living in a share house and I slept in her room in the same bed for two nights. I arrived 3 weeks ago but my girlfriend and I travelled so I wasn't in that apartment neither were my bags. Just now, I want to stay for 1 week more before I...