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Trespass is an area of criminal law or tort law broadly divided into three groups: trespass to the person, trespass to chattels and trespass to land.
Trespass to the person historically involved six separate trespasses: threats, assault, battery, wounding, mayhem (or maiming), and false imprisonment. Through the evolution of the common law in various jurisdictions, and the codification of common law torts, most jurisdictions now broadly recognize three trespasses to the person: assault, which is "any act of such a nature as to excite an apprehension of battery"; battery, "any intentional and unpermitted contact with the plaintiff's person or anything attached to it and practically identified with it"; and false imprisonment, the "unlaw[ful] obstruct[ion] or depriv[ation] of freedom from restraint of movement".
One can Retrieve wounded or expired game from neighboring properties and boundaries even if the neighboring land owner does not give permission as long as there are no weapons in possession while retrieving game caus[ing] injury". Trespass to chattel does not require a showing of damages. Simply the "intermeddling with or use of … the personal property" of another gives cause of action for trespass. Since CompuServe Inc. v. Cyber Promotions, Inc., various courts have applied the principles of trespass to chattel to resolve cases involving unsolicited bulk e-mail and unauthorized server usage.Trespass to land is today the tort most commonly associated with the term trespass; it takes the form of "wrongful interference with one's possessory rights in [real] property". Generally, it is not necessary to prove harm to a possessor's legally protected interest; liability for unintentional trespass varies by jurisdiction. "[A]t common law, every unauthorized entry upon the soil of another was a trespasser"; however, under the tort scheme established by the Restatement of Torts, liability for unintentional intrusions arises only under circumstances evincing negligence or where the intrusion involved a highly dangerous activity.Trespass has also been treated as a common law offense in some countries.

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  1. Hellomyonlyfriend

    NSW Trespass to investigate crime

    If implied consent has been removed, can police still enter a property to investigate whether a crime has been committed?
  2. G

    NSW Trespass

    Can I charge someone with trespass if they come on board my boat without my express permission? I have a 34 foot flybridge cruiser moored at a marina and someone has stated that they intend to come on board while I am not there.
  3. P

    VIC Airfield hanger owner - trespass

    Hello, Im am the owner of private property, an aircraft hanger based at a local airport (vic). The hanger is apart of a body corporate of which I am a member. I run a small aviation engine business from the same hanger and have done so since 2013. I have been flying at the same airport as...
  4. A

    VIC Right of Abatement – Returning pruned tree branches to owner - Trespass

    The tree in the neighbouring property to mine overhangs our fence significantly and deposits leaf and seed liter onto my driveway. It also blocks a considerable amount of light. The owner of the neighbouring property has been asked to, but refuses to prune the tree (he has no obligation to do so...
  5. N

    VIC Trespass and photography?

    Hi All, I'm an amatuer Nightscape photographer, that is I go out at various times of the night to take photos of interesting landscapes and objects generally using long exposure to capture the night sky. I am a member of multiple social groups who share our work and lately I've become a little...
  6. J

    NSW LEPRA, Summons and Trespass

    Who wins out?
  7. J

    NSW Trespass

    If I am living with my parents and people come onto their property making threats and I tell them to leave and they dont straight away, am I: a.) entitled to tell them to leave as not the owner? b.) considered an occupier under the law? c.) entitled to personally sue them for trespass?
  8. P

    NSW a housemate refuse to move out in an shared house

    I am a houseowner and landlord. In my house, I have 4 housemates. One of them (named A) refused to move out after I did notice him verbally 4 weeks ago. My other housemates are the witness. I then gave A a written notice two weeks ago (my other housemates are the witness), but now he still...
  9. R

    NSW Coles Trespass notice

    Hi. I just received a 12-month trespass notice from Coles because I didn’t realise I had a $2 item hiding in between my reusable bags. As I left the store after paying for my other items, a guy flashed a badge (I assumed he was a police officer) and he questioned me about it. I walked in the...
  10. E

    NSW Can I shoot a bull that trespasses onto my property?

    The owner has been told of the problem (repeatedly) and asked to keep her cattle on her land. She tells me I have no right to shoot any of her stock that come onto my land, despite the fact that they constitute a biosecurity risk to my stock.