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    NSW Trespass

    If I am living with my parents and people come onto their property making threats and I tell them to leave and they dont straight away, am I: a.) entitled to tell them to leave as not the owner? b.) considered an occupier under the law? c.) entitled to personally sue them for trespass?
  2. P

    NSW a housemate refuse to move out in an shared house

    I am a houseowner and landlord. In my house, I have 4 housemates. One of them (named A) refused to move out after I did notice him verbally 4 weeks ago. My other housemates are the witness. I then gave A a written notice two weeks ago (my other housemates are the witness), but now he still...
  3. R

    NSW Coles Trespass notice

    Hi. I just received a 12-month trespass notice from Coles because I didn’t realise I had a $2 item hiding in between my reusable bags. As I left the store after paying for my other items, a guy flashed a badge (I assumed he was a police officer) and he questioned me about it. I walked in the...
  4. E

    NSW Can I shoot a bull that trespasses onto my property?

    The owner has been told of the problem (repeatedly) and asked to keep her cattle on her land. She tells me I have no right to shoot any of her stock that come onto my land, despite the fact that they constitute a biosecurity risk to my stock.
  5. M

    SA Trespass and theft charges for under 14yo

    My son and his mate, both under 14, entered smn else's vacant house, stole nothing of value (a couple of coins) and now face criminal charges. His pal had previous problems with police and entered first, while my son followed and did not try to do anything funny when police came. What are the...
  6. S

    WA Threat of Trespass and repair of property

    I live in a strata building and we had a water issue. We contracted some roofers to fix the issue which involved pulling off the ridge capping of the next doors property, replacing it with wider capping and recessing it into our wall and sealing it to prevent water damage. The police were...
  7. H

    VIC What Constitutes Trespass?

    I have a situation in which I have been accused of trespass on 2 occasions now by my ex-husband. The first situation involved a breach of court orders in which he had failed to provide 7 days notice that he had moved houses. I knew he had moved because the children (who are with him about 40%...
  8. A

    VIC Council Trespass? Unauthorised inspection?

    I own a small LDRZ block and on it I have a caravan on stands and other items, all which sit on the ground, nothing is 'connected with the land'. The items also have no physical connection with each other. My local Council Officers took it upon themselves to enter my property without notice...
  9. A

    NSW Property Law - Creating Access from Right of Way?

    We access our property (dominant tenement) over a series of Right of Ways from a public road. We have recently lodged a DA to build a house. The Right of Way that we access our property is tarred, however, the verge is grass (about 6m). We need to construct access from the tarred surface, over...
  10. J

    NSW Separation - Am I Trespassing on My Own Property?

    Hi, I am desperately seeking answers! My husband and I have been separated for the past seven years. However, we are still yet to divorce. We have 3 children together, one which lives full time with me and the other two who are 50/50 each. My husband and I have four properties shared between...