VIC 189 Visa Expiry of Dependent Applicant After Divorce?

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    We got Permanent Residency 189 visa in Jan 2017, where I'm the secondary/dependent applicant.

    My spouse entered Aus in April 2017 and staying Aus since then.

    I entered Aus in June 2017 for 2 weeks, just to activate the PR, then returned from Aus. Then on Dec 2017, entered Aus and staying here along with my spouse till now (almost 1 year). I will be returning from Aus in 1 month and planning to stay in my native country for the next 1 year to file the divorce.

    So in total, I would be staying in Aus for 1 year under 189 PR as a secondary applicant.
    1. Once we divorce, will it affect my permanent residency?
    2. How it will impact the application for our Resident Return Visa (RRV-155). This can be applied only in 2021 where 2-year minimum stay in Aus is a criterion for RRV.
    It would be grateful if you can help me to clear my queries.

    Many thanks

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