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Resident return visas (RRV) are three separate but related systems for allowing ordinarily resident and former resident foreign nationals in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States to travel to another country and return to the issuing country.

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  1. M

    VIC RRV eligibility of dependant Permanent Resident

    Hi, I have the Dependant Permanent Residency. To apply for the Resident Return Visa, minimum 2 years stay at Aus is mandatory, however i have only spent 376 days at Australia. My spouse(main applicant) spent this 2 years minimum stay though. In the RRV eligilibilty section, its mentioned as...
  2. C

    QLD Rrv character matter

    hi i ve lived in aus for 12 yrs and i didnt realise my visa expired last nov until i tried to go back aus 22nd of feb i left aus 30th of jen without extention... but i ve charged Some stuff last oct so i am wonder if my charges wont help me to get rrv? I applied rrv 22nd of feb but i havent...