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    VIC RRV eligibility of dependant Permanent Resident

    Hi, I have the Dependant Permanent Residency. To apply for the Resident Return Visa, minimum 2 years stay at Aus is mandatory, however i have only spent 376 days at Australia. My spouse(main applicant) spent this 2 years minimum stay though. In the RRV eligilibilty section, its mentioned as...
  2. C

    QLD Rrv character matter

    hi i ve lived in aus for 12 yrs and i didnt realise my visa expired last nov until i tried to go back aus 22nd of feb i left aus 30th of jen without extention... but i ve charged Some stuff last oct so i am wonder if my charges wont help me to get rrv? I applied rrv 22nd of feb but i havent...