NSW Will Warrant Appear on My AFP?

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21 November 2016
Hello everyone,

Long story short:

A long time ago, so about 1 year and a half, I was living in Melbourne and I got fined. At the time I didn't paid and so a warrant was put on my name.

Now I live in NSW. The warrant on my name had been closed because I installed a payment plan with the state and so it's now a closed matter. I still have a few matters to go but they are also on a payment plan. I applied for my new student visa and the government is asking me for a AFP (Australian federal police check)

My question is:

From the information I gave you about myself, do you think than the warrant will appear on my AFP? Will the warrant appear even if I have never been to court and now it's a close matter?


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31 October 2015
Hi, great question! There a few different types of federal police checks and also a few different types of warrants. The short answer is because a warrant is issued by the court there is a good chance it will show up. It can depend on how thoroughly they want to check but there is a good chance it will be on there.

Here is some information of National police checks: What Would a Police Check Reveal About You? - Legal Blog - LawAnswers.com.au