VIC Will I be Issued New Traffic Infringement Notice?

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7 December 2016
I've just been caught from a camera car and issued with a traffic infringement notice of excessive speed travelling 141 km/hr reduced to 139 km/hr, in a 100 zone in Victoria and now face a loss of drivers licence (full licence) for 6 months. I was just late for work.

What happens after the 28 days if the notice is un-resolved? Are you issued with a second warning infringement notice with a new due date?

I had something similar happen after receiving a speeding fine (10km/hr over) from a fixed speed camera. I forgot to pay it and was issued with another notice with a new due date. Wondering if a notice of excessive speed from a camera car is handled the same way.

What are the penalties if caught driving with a suspended drivers licence?


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31 October 2015

If you don't pay the infringement within the initial time frame, you are issued a penalty reminder notice and you are given an additional 42 days to pay it. Although, I believe they add additional cost to the penalty reminder notice.

If you don't act on the penalty reminder notice you will be referred to infringements court. It's all issued by the same place regardless of fixed camera or car mounted camera, so it should be the same process followed.

Tony Danos

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29 November 2016

If you don't pay your fine, they will send further notices however your license is suspended for six months commencing 28 days after the notice.

If you are caught driving whilst suspended, you will receive a summons to attend court.
Penalties range from fines upwards including license suspension but depends on a host of factors.

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