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NSW Traffic Law - First Traffic Infringement Notice - Appeal?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by jasson, 24 December 2015.

  1. jasson

    jasson Member

    24 December 2015
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    I recently received my first ever traffic infringement notice (I'm 24), a speeding fine for between 10-20 km/h over the speed limit. I was heading down a hill where the speed limit changed from 80km/h to 60km/h and police car with radar was set up at the base of the hill. I live in the ACT and the fine was in NSW so I rarely travel to that area. All I did was drop it down 2 gears to slow down as my wife gets car sick easy.

    My questions are:

    • is where he was placed legal/fair under Traffic Law?
    • is there a chance to have my fine suspended/quashed as it is my first offence?
  2. Tim W

    Tim W Lawyer
    LawTap Verified Lawyer

    28 April 2014
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    Proceed according to the instructions on the back of the notice.
    My suggestion? Pay the fine and get on with your life.
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