VIC Wife is Pregnant While I am on Student Visa - Help?

Discussion in 'Immigration Law Forum' started by Chhunly Taing, 12 September 2019.

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    12 September 2019
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    I have applied to study in Australia for 3 years but due to some of the subjects that I have studied so I apply for credits transfer then I finished my Bachelor course earlier. During my study, I met my wife who is a new Australian citizen and we just got married 31 of August 2019 and now my wife is pregnant while I am on my student visa.

    My student visa in expires 30 July 2020. My wife is a new Australian citizen. I need more income to support my family as I am a man. We are legally married.

    The question is:

    1. What should I do to support my new family while I am on my student visa?

    2. Is there anything that immigration would override my student visa so I can find a better job?

    3. Will the immigration cancel my visa while I am seeking a new visa?

    All of the answers I am appreciate.

    Thank you,
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    1) This is not Immigration office's matter.
    2) It doesn't work that way because you are in Australia on a certain Visa and you have to abide by its rules as you agreed to.
    3) Once you apply for a new Visa (if you're eligible) then of course once it is granted the previous visa will be cancelled.

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