NSW Who to Send Letter of Demand to?

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Matt C

29 March 2017
On the 17th of March, I was involved in an accident that resulted in my current injuries, For reference, a parked car pulled out in front of my motorcycle without indicating and I was unable to stop in time thus the car accident occurred. I was injured and taken to hospital, however I was quite lucky and nothing was broken.

My injury claim is a separate matter though and right now I'm wondering about what to do in regards to the damage my bike and gear received during the crash (for clarification the car was determined at fault and received a ticket for failing to indicate and yield when pulling out from a parked position). I'm unsure on what my next step is.

I have been unsuccessful in attaining the owner's cooperation as he is adamant that I am at fault, and I must do all the leg work as I do not have comprehensive or third party insurance, as such my insurer will not do anything in regards to the property damaged received from the negligent driver.

And therefore I must send a letter of demand before proceeding with legal action. I have read that I can send the letter to their insurer which happens to also be my insurer NRMA. I'm wondering if this is the best course of action or should I send it to the owner of the car in question?

Thanks in advance


Rob Legat - SBPL

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16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland