QLD Car Damaged by Shopping Centre Signboard - What to Do?

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3 September 2015
I parked my car in the shopping centre all correctly in the right spot. 2 meter away there was a large signboard (displays all business and got lights inside) and 1 side of the signboards fell down on my car and of course damaged my car.

I've spoken to the centre management, and they would not like to do anything but say their insurance company will not cover this issue due to the cause of the wind. There was wind, but not strong wind. The weather report can prove it. They asked me to claim through my car insurance and my insurance company basically said they will have to charge me for the excess fee as they do not feel they can recover the cost.

The other option from the centre management was, get a quotation and send them a Letter of Demand, however, they indicated they would not do anything as their insurance company would not consider its their fault.

The signboard should be engineering designed to hold some degree of wind, it should have a engineering certificate to prove it's designed and installed correctly and meeting Australian standards. It is also up to the centre management to maintain and check the signboard, making sure it won't hurt people or damage properties.

What should I do?