QLD What to Do to Dispute SPERS Fine?

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2 August 2016
Here we go,

As the line grows with SPERS and Etolls, I have been trying to challenge these for the longest. Of course, it is not right that they amount to what they did. I pointed out to the Toll ombudsman about the real issues I had with the Etolls. What was done is that the Toll ombudsman played middle person and just pasted it between the two of us. No real authority to even say what happens.

My question has been to all the agency involved in this matter that lead up to the matter going to SPERS. "Can the matter be reversed from SPERS?" and I have been told 'no' each time. "Once it goes to SPERS, it is out of hands" and to look on the SPERS site and see how to dispute SPERS fines and there it is.

Apparently, you can apply for it to be returned to the agency that submitted it to have it withdrawn.

So I am thinking about trying to go to court myself cause not even wiseman lawyers want to touch this matter. According to SPERS dispute page, you can request to have the matter heard in an infringement court only.

Any help or consideration in this matter.


If no lawyers want to touch it, it means that they don't see strong prospects in your case, which means you may lose and have to pay not only your fine but potentially costs.


8 June 2017
I recently received a call from SPER Qld in regards to outstanding tolls and traffic infringements dating back to 2012. This was the first I knew of any infringements in my name. I have had credit checks done when I sold and purchased my house, renewed my license as recently as last year but have not been made aware of anything. I was told to complete a stat dec only to be told it should have been done by the beginning of 2016 and it's now too late, how can I do this if I don't know.