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    I am inquiring whether I have to answer yes to the Crimes of Moral Turpitude question on the Visa waiver program questionnaire?

    Long story short. I got into trouble about 10 years ago and was charged with some offences, including aggravated assault, malicious damage to property and something else. Unfortunately this happened to me twice as I had an undiagnosed mental disorder. Which thanks to the last incident got me the proper medication and help I needed. I was 27. I am now 37 years old married with 2 kids.

    We want to go on a family holiday to the US, but I have always been put off due to this question. I was never convicted, I did go to court for both incidents, and they were dismissed under the mental health act, so I do not have a criminal record. I have obtained criminal record checks for various employer's over the years and it is always blank.

    So I am really unsure if I just need to get a Visa? or if I am eligible for the Visa Waiver program?


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