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    13 August 2018
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    i have been invited to attend mediation,by my ex,regarding a financial settlement.
    The main sticking point seems to be the size of the asset pool.
    My ex is claiming 20 years of unpaid wages\superannuation.
    A $150,000 contribution made during the relationship via a inheritance.
    In all the claim of one million dollars against a property that i have a 1/3 share in with my parents, which i believe would be valued at less than one million dollars.
    The cost of the mediation is on par with the cost of a sworn valuation,which along with a extensive inventory of both personal and business assets would give a indication of the size of the asset pool i would have thought.
    Would it be in my best interest to agree to mediation?
    Or should i make an offer as suggested by my ex?
    Any opinions would be appreciated.

    Many thanks


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