NSW Change of Assets Split After Family Law Mediation?

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Darren barrett

Active Member
7 June 2015
I have finished family law mediation with my ex without much success. Since mediation, she is now after more money then what was agreed upon at mediation. We agreed on a 55/45 split and now she wants 57.5%. I have had to file court orders as well as she has also changed superannuation dates and amounts. Her solicitor has told me that I can't use the evidence from mediation in court.

How do I use this information to prove that they are being greedy and not sticking to the agreement at mediation? There was no paperwork signed at mediation but I do have an email confirming what was verbally agreed upon at mediation.


Well-Known Member
23 July 2014
If there was nothing signed at mediation, I'm afraid that means agreement wasn't reached and her solicitor is correct about discussions at mediation being confidential and unable to be used as evidence in court. However, I believe you may be able to use the e-mail receive following mediation, but it will likely serve only to have the court order you to attend another mediation.