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Relationships Australia (RA) is an Australian not-for profit organisation providing professional services to support relationships across Australia that began in 1948 under the name of Marriage Guidance Council. Initially providing counselling services using volunteers, they now provide a range of professional relationship support services.
Relationships Australia is approved under the "Family Relationships Services Program", which is administered by the Australian Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs to provide services including: family therapy, mediation, skills training and children's contact services. They also receive funding from Australian states and territories for services including: for people with a gambling problem, and their families, parenting skills, and family violence prevention.

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  1. D

    NSW Newbie need helps please?

    Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here, looking for helps please? I got this case, I went to some agents and solicitors but they got me more confused. So I hope you all can lend me some advice please? Many thanks in advance. Case ; X met Z. X is Citizen Oz. Z is Bridging A, under Z’ ex. The Ex is...
  2. Q

    QLD Am I able to get my daughter back after father kept her - no legalities in place

    My ex partner and I were together for a total of 7 years. We have a 5 year old daughter. We split in 2015 (I left him) and since the split we have been on good terms and have had an informal agreement in place of 50/50 care for our daughter. 2 months ago on his “on” days - he engaged in lawyers...
  3. P

    WA What to Expect in a Family Court Proceeding?

    Hi, I'm a 39-year-old guy from WA. I fathered a 6-year-old girl from a de facto relationship. The last time I spoke or saw my daughter was 6 months ago when police were called and subsequently a VRO or a restraining order was placed on me after a dispute with my ex's adult children. No charges...
  4. B

    QLD Father Unsuitable to Attend Post Separation Program - What to Do?

    There is an order The order requiring: That the Applicant father file and serve an affidavit with respect to why he has not complied: a. Including provisions of a letter from Relationship Australia detailing why he was refused from participating in the Post Separation Program; and b. Details...
  5. L

    TAS Family Law - Outcome of Final Hearing

    Hi all, I thought I'd update you on the outcome of my final hearing. My proceedings was primarily about how much time my kids should spend with me, and who should pay the costs of travel. My ex moved with the kids after we broke up, when the kids were very young. We (stupidly) didn't reach...
  6. R

    NSW Relationships Australia

    I attended Relationships Australia this week after some knowledgeable information on here and all went well. Contacted my ex to keep her informed that they hope to arrange mediation with her. Ex is now preventing me from talking in private with my daughter,arguing with me during phone calls with...
  7. B

    NSW Mediation and/or Amendment to Application - What To Do?

    Previous threads: NSW - Family Court Orders Contravened by Mother - What to Do? NSW - Help with Wording Response to Adjournment Request? Court went as well as can be expected. The judge said my application was far too long and too complicated to go through within a limited timeframe. She asked...
  8. M

    NSW Abandonment law on house in joint name ?

    Hi , 20 years ago I inherited my mothers house with my sister , my ex partner and I bought her half of the house ( with a loan ) and proceeded to live in, we are separated now 7 years , he has not contributed one cent to the house or bills since he ran off , there are no contact details since he...
  9. C

    SA Child Support Issue with Ex - Parenting Plan?

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of negotiating relocation with the OP. He agrees in principle, custody arrangements nearly sorted but tonight he sprung on me (after months of negotiation) that he will only accept the arrangement if I agree to signing off on never changing the current child...
  10. A

    WA Family Court - Mother Suddenly Restricting Access to Children?

    Hi, My ex & I had an amicable arrangement for shared custody of children for our two girls (J, 12 & M, 7) which was a week by week basis 50% time share. Then out of the blue she messaged on my pickup day of the girls stating that she is changing the arrangement to the girls staying with her...