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    I have been the sole parent of my beautiful 6 year old boy since his birth.
    I am a good mum, and have raised a fantastic little guy.
    Now his Dad has been in and out of his life, sometimes Mr Every Fortnight Dad, and at others, nothing at all. For stints of 6 months or more. BUT I have always encouraged a relationship between the two of them, despite my personal feelings toward him. I have always wanted my son to have both his parents in his life. Over the years, mind you, I have been very forgiving, and the chances have just kept going … there has been physical dangers, mental and emotional issues where often my son would come home and eventually open up and cry about something his dad did or said. But I thought continuing to work at it, was the right thing to do.
    Now, due to an unsavoury ex of mine, who had no impact on my sons life at the time, my life turned about 3 months ago, from someone who has never had any dealings with police etc... to being arrested, charged (wrongfully and I have a lawyer), the father of my son is convinced that I had something to do with his house being burgled as well, and police seem to be lapping it as well. I never did any such thing, I found myself with not very nice people in my life, and being of that, and them having access to my house, and taking advantage of my naivity, they have all walked away scot free while I have taken the brunt force of the police. Who seem all to eager to just lay it on me instead of finding the actual perpetrators.
    Now, I was charged with theft...they took me in, and then I left, with no paperwork, no dvd, no nothing. I had no idea what was going on. I had asked for a lawyer...they said flat out no. I lost complete faith in the police that day...Now, what you also need to know, is that my ex the one who started all of this, is a bad man, a very bad man, I am pertrified of him. And as well as being a crook, he is also with the informant of some sort. When I left the station after being questioned, I had no doubt he would have found out that id seen police , and he,d already threated my life inn regards to ever doing that many many times before. So I got home as fast as I could, packed the car, got my son from school and left Vic. Straight up to QLD to be with my dad.
    Now my sons dad got this notion in his head that I had robbed him whilst up in QLD, however he did not mention it. And because I had left that state, I didn't know I wasn't allowed to , there were warrants out for my arrest etc.... I was still just trying to be everything a good mother is, encouraging his Dad to visit, or trying to arrange something. even convincing my son that it would be fun to see his dad, even though my boy told me he wanted to stay with me...I thought I was doing the right thing.
    My ex said he was coming up for a week, probably 5 days, to take my son camping before dropping him back. He never dropped my son back home, after he picked him up I got no replies to texts no phone calls, until he rang after a week to tell me he had taken my son, and that this is what I get etc... etc...
    He is using my son as a weapon to hurt me for something I actually had nothing to do with. And I know my son would be devastated and missing me as I am him! I haven't been able to even hear his voice on the phone nothing! My son would be hating it, I know that for sure. A couple of nights was always more than enough. and its ripping me apart.
    There are no family orders in place, but I cant go back to Vic, for two reasons, the main one being that I can never go back, and risk my ex finding me after all of this. I have to hide from him. and will have lots of measures in place to ensure both me and my son are safe. and if I go and try to get him, I will be arrested.
    His Dad I saying he is keeping Aleks, and unless I come down there and get him at which point my ex would have the police waiting, which means my other ex, would be aware of my where abouts as well.

    I want my son back with me where he belongs. How can I do this? With no orders in place, I know I could just go and get him, but with the other stuff I cant. Can I get someone to collect him on my behalf? Am I allowed to do that? I don't want to wait for it to go through the courts it will be too long before my son is safe with me. and my family up here. I should be able to have my son and then proceed with family court order making sure nothing like that will happen again.
    Should I start proceedings? should I enrol my son in the local school for this term like I was going to do because we just moved?
    What should I and what shouoldnt I do? so that I don't risk my beautiful boy being stuck with that pathetic excuse of a father. I mean, using his son as bait to try and lure me back????
    Over something he has no actual proof of, all alleged bulls**t.

    Anwyays, please please help me. What can I do? Is there some sort of organisation I can employ who will collect my son? Its not idea...believe me I know this...but now I know my exes intentions behind it all. I want my son away from that sooner rather than later.
    I do have my mum and step dad in Vic, however I don't know if they be game enough to approach my ex like that. He can be one absolute ass hole.

    I think that covers the main things, if there is anything you can suggest please share. I need something, I need an answer because this is the longest I have been without my boy, and its killing me.
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    So did you tell your ex you were moving to QLD? If not then you might be in a bit of trouble, but in saying that there are no orders, it sounds complicated but maybe apply for a recovery order, if your that frightened of ex you need to find some support around you.

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