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  1. M

    QLD Family Law - Dealing with Dad's Family?

    History: Final orders in place allowing for no contact with Dad (unless requested by the children and then mum can take it into consideration), full parental responsibility to mum. Orders put in place due to long-term substantiated abuse of the kids, backed by DCF finding, ICL, Family report...
  2. P

    NSW Adequate Time for Solicitor to Reply to Correspondence?

    Good morning all. Looking for some help on what the brains trust consider suitable time taken for a solicitor to reply to written/emailed correspondence? Ex’s solicitor directed a letter to my solicitor from a family law case, however, I am no longer using a solicitor. I addressed all points...
  3. Alchemy

    NSW Likelihood of Getting Relocation Request Approved?

    Hello, I’m wanting to relocate with my 3 sons. My eldest son has a different father to my 2 youngest children. I’m wanting to go back to where my eldest son's father lives. My reasons are for more work / better opportunities, closer to my eldest son's father (he’s about about to start...
  4. A

    WA How Do I Obtain Custody of Children?

    Hello, I was in a de facto relationship for 4 years with my ex-partner during the course of the relationship we had two children. We lived in Qld, we wrote an agreement signed by a JP to allow me to move interstate after separation to WA to stay with my parents. I ended the relationship as he...
  5. T

    NSW Contacting Children on Special Occasions and Holidays?

    Long distance parent, at best he speaks to his kids once a month. He's forever cancelling scheduled Facetime times. I accidentally forgot his birthday. Normally I will text the night before and ask when would be the best time to call. This year I completely forgot. He's now flipping out at me...
  6. M

    NSW Family Law - Trouble with Facetime Communications with Ex

    Facetime occurs once a week (once a week as tha'ts all his busy life can fit in) if the dad isn't busy. Every other week, the dad doesn't answer at the scheduled time and doesn't ever give a reason why. i normally say to my son, "Oh, daddy just text and said he's very sick. He's sorry and he...
  7. E

    NSW How Do I Get My Son Back Under Family Law?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. As it's a public holiday weekend, I'm unable to seek legal advice/ start action until tomorrow and I'm hoping that some members here who have been through similar circumstances can help with information until then. Background: My 8-year-old son is on a contact...
  8. A

    QLD Family Law on Communications Between Parents About Children?

    My partner and his ex-wife live in separate states (his choice). He isn’t able to see the children much as it's expensive and he needs to work to support our family. He Facetimes once a week with the kids. The eldest is nearly 4 and 1.5. As the distant parent, is she obligated to send him...
  9. I

    SA Can We Put AVO on Partner's Violent Ex?

    My partner's ex (not divorced) wife has been verbally abusing him nonstop since she relocated with his child a little over two years ago. Background info - She moved interstate, and since then, has prevented contact with their son. She used to allow FaceTime once or twice a week. Now it is...
  10. H

    NSW Partner's Ex Refusing Visitation until Consent Orders are in Place?

    Hi all, I have been reading through a lot of the threads in here for quite some time while my partner has been going through the process of getting consent orders as his ex is refusing to allow their 7 year old daughter to see him until such order is in place (my partner is in a different state...